Training Excellence Center

Training Course at Training Excellence Center

Acquiring knowledge and learning the skills required to complete the work of an organization is vital to its success. Training is used to improve the management, efficiency, and process of each program. Effective training begins with understanding the goals of the organization, identifying existing gaps, and developing an efficient training program. Systems Plus has established a company-wide training center to ensure the program assistance we provide effectively transfers to on-the-job performance by delivering quality training at the right time and place, using relevant methodology. We also use our Training Excellence Center to maintain and develop the skills of our people so they can better serve our customers.

We use competency-based training design and delivery based on modern training methodologies and process improvement principles to design effective training solutions. We leverage technology to efficiently deliver training, while still accomplishing the goals of the program.

Our training services include:

  • Onsite, offsite, web-based, and interactive mobile training program delivery
  • Specialty training areas include: real property master planning, real property management, capital investment, strategic planning, and emergency preparedness
  • Course design, development, delivery, and evaluation
  • Subject-matter expert trainers